Remington F7800/ F7805 charging lead plus a spare foil and cutter set

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Remington F7800 / F7805 charging lead complete with UK shaver adaptor and a spare foil and cutter set.

This is a foil & cutter set. Just pop your old pieces off and replace with these new ones. The foil top comes as a whole head piece so it's very easy to replace.

The old cutters should be gently levered off and also replaced at the same time. This should greatly improve the quality of shave. (Please ensure as to replace all the parts at once as any not, will most likely cause pull and drag on the skin soon after, causing a rougher and less effective shave.)

These spares should be replaced on a regular basis for optimum performance.

To fit: F7800 / F7805

Charging lead to fit: Remington model F7800 / F7805

 This lead comes complete with a UK shaver adaptor and is able to work in any standard UK three pin plug.

Charger lead may differ from picture shown.