Remington F4 Style Series F4000 Men’s rechargeable Shaver plus a spare foil and cutter cassette.

  • £74.99
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Dual foil for a close and effective shave with an intercept trimmer-to capture and trim low-lying longer hairs. Independent Flexing Cutting Elements adapt to facial contours for a close comfortable shave.

Cordless - use it as a rechargeable shaver with no lead attached. Four hour charge time for up to 45 minutes usage. (Enough for seven days shaving on average.)

Washable / waterproof for easy clean after every few shaves.

A trimmer piece for sideboards, back of the neck and moustache. You can also use this to trim down any longer hair that won't go through the foil properly when shaving.

Pivoting Headlock – with lock ensures maximum control and contact.

Universal voltage for worldwide use.

Two year guarantee.

The shaver comes supplied with a spare foil and cutter cassette which is perfect for when the heads need replacing in the future to ensure a continued close shave when needed. 

We supply a shaver adapter with this shaver at no extra.

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