Braun European charging lead complete with shaver adaptor to fit models listed. (J)

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Charging lead to fit the following Braun Shaver models.

This is a Braun European charging lead supplied with a shaver adaptor for use in any UK three pin plug round the house.

To fit the following models:

5195cc, 5197cc, 50-B1000s, 50-M1000s, 50-M1200s, 50-W1000s, 50-W1600s, 50-W4200cs, 50-W4650cs

60-B7500cc, 60-N1000s, 60-N1200s, 60-N4500cs, 60-N4820cs,

740s-6, 740s-7, 7840s, 7842s, 7850cc, 7855s, 7867cc, 7880cc, 7893s, 70-B1200s, 70-N1000s, 70-N1200s, 70-N7200CC, 70-S7200cc

8325s, 8340s, 8345s, 8359s, 8360cc, 8365cc, 8370cc, 8380cc

9250cc, 8242s, 9280cc, 9291cc, 9292cc, 9293s 9296cc, 9299cc, 9299s, 9325s, 9330s


Charger lead may differ from picture shown which is just for reference.

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