Braun (32B) Series 3, Foil and cutter cassette by 3. Star buy! Extra special offer! Limited time only!

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This is a foil & cutter one piece cassette by 3. Just pop your old one off and replace it with this new one plus two spares for future use.

These spares should be replaced on a regular basis for optimum performance.

This will only work with the new Braun series 3 shavers that have the foil and cutter (one piece)cassette type unit.

To fit: Braun series 3 - 320 (type5776), 330 (type5776), 320s-4 (type5415), 330s-4 (type5415), 340 (type5775), 340s, 340s-4, 345s-4, 350cc-4 (type5412), 370cc-4 (type 5412), 350cc (type 5774), 370cc (type 5774), 380 (type5773), 380s-4 (type 5416), 390cc-4 (type5411), 390cc (type5772), 395cc-3 (type5772), 3040s, 3080s, 3010BT, S310BT reference on back of shaver should be 32B or 32S

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Genuine Braun spares