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Looking after your shaver

Looking after your shaver.

Electric shaver.


lift off the shaver head and empty the whiskers

(rotary head shaver cutters and combs must be kept in matching pairs)

don't tap your shaver on the sink as it may dent or break the foil

brush the cutter with shaver brush. Do not touch or brush the foil as it's fragile

remove cutter and spray this and foil with cleaning spray every month and reassemble

each time you shave give the shaver a quick spray with shaver cleaner while it's running

for washable shavers, rinse the shaver under the tap after each shave and make sure it dries out properly after use

General rules for replacing Remington foil and cutter/blades :

(for other brands see manufacturers guidelines)

every 6 months (very regular use and long whisker cutting may require more frequent replacement)

if shave is not close enough or shaver tugs at skin or if you are pressing hard or repeating areas to get a close shave

* we recommend you replace foil and cutter at the same time to maximise the quality of shave.



rinse razor, shake off excess water

pat razor blades on a towel to dry

store razor in a closed cabinet or in plastic bag to keep dry

(can use few drops of alcohol on the blade to help get rid of moisture)

General rules for replacing razor blades :

every 5 to 10 shaves depending on whiskers and blade maintenance

when lubricating strip is wearing away

when blades develop rust spots

if you are pressing hard to get a close shave

if the razor is pulling the skin

if you notice in-growing hairs, red bumps or other skin irritation