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Grooming tips and trends

Ok number one thing to do everyday before using an electric shaver. Check the foil hasn't got any dents or worse a hole in it. Foils can be easily damaged and a small dent in one will quickly turn into a hole. If you don't notice it before shaving, it can be quite a painful thing to find out.

If you've had your foils in a while and the shaver is feeling rough on the skin, then it's time to replace them. The bottom part of the foil is less smooth to help hold the hair in place allowing the cutters to take off. If the foil is wearing then you will start to notice this.

Use your foil shaver evenly and flat to the skin with light pressure. This will help to make the foil last longer.


Tips and trends blog

"I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company"...

I've been in the shaving business almost as long as Victor Kiam – so I know a thing or two about the merchandise and I'm going to let you in on a few of my trade secrets. So stay tuned for some tips, trends and discover what's going on in the world of shaving...


Top celebrities from George Michael to George Clooney have sported facial hair in recent years and there’s no telling when this fashion is set to end. To top it all Conchita Wurst from Austria won the 2014 edition of Europe's Favourite TV Show with the song 'Rise Like A Phoenix', sporting a beautifully manicured beard.

However, it turns out that once younger men move into more professional careers most of them turn back to their trusty razors and shave it all off. Turns out only 5 percent of men between 25 and 34 don’t shave!

According to Experian :

36 percent of men use an electric razor. (also a popular grooming tool for bearded men who wish to keep things a bit more tame.)
On average men use an electric razor 3.7 times per week.
49% of British men are already spending more money on grooming below the neck.

So how can you achieve the look of the stars? Here are my 5 tips :

buy the best you can afford (see 'new shaver advice')
trim regularly (see shaver alert service)
take your time with it (see how to get the best shave')
moisturize, your skin is an organ like any other
look after your equipment like you would your car (see 'looking after your shaver')


Send us your shaving advice and suggestions... and we'll feature some of the best. Here's mine to get the ball rolling....

I like to use a Remington F5800 shaver. I find it extremely effective for giving me the close shave I look for everyday.

The shaver itself:

There is an intercepter cutter positioned between the two foils. This cuts longer hairs close allowing the foils to finish the job quicker. The shaver itself is rechargeable and mains. Once charged I can get about two weeks out of it before needing to plug it back in. It has a fuel gage on the front to tell me how much charge is left and it's ideal for taking on holiday as well.


On May 11th I ran the Bristol 10k for CLIC Sargent, an amazing charity which helps children and young people suffering with cancer. That's what motivates me to run as hard as I can.

My son is my trainer. He's totally qualified, having put me through my paces for the same event last year. As he is nearly ten years old now, his bike has bigger wheels and he expected me to go faster. It was a bit like 'Boot camp only more severe!!!'

I survived... I ran a none too shabby 47 minutes and that motivates me to better it next year. If you think this is a worthwhile charity and you are able to donate, that would be fantastic.


Why do road cyclists and swimmers shave their legs?

For cyclists it's easier to treat an injury when hair is absent...and who enjoys trying to remove a bandage or plasters from a hairy leg...ouch! Also smooth legs make massage easier.

Hair can also be uncomfortable and cause friction with tight fitting sportswear... and many prefer smooth skin, without tufts of hair protruding from tight cycling shorts!

If you're a professional swimmer then removing body hair has a significant impact on performance.