Braun 21b Series 3, Foil and cutter cassette

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This is a foil & cutter one piece cassette. Just pop your old one off and replace it with this new one.

These spares should be replaced on a regular basis for optimum performance.

This will only work with the new Braun series 3 shavers that have the foil and cutter (one piece) cassette type unit.

To fit models: 300s, 301s, 310s, 320 (type5776), 330 (type5776), 320s-4 (type5415), 330s-4 (type5415), 340 (type5775), 340s, 340s-4, 345s-4, 350cc-4 (type5412), 370cc-4 (type 5412), 350cc (type 5774), 370cc (type 5774), 380 (type5773), 380s-4 (type 5416), 390cc-4 (type5411), 390cc (type5772), 395cc-3 (type5772), 3040cc, 3050cc, 3080cc, 3090cc, 3040s, series 3 3020s, 5408, 5409, 300, 310, 310bt

Genuine Braun spares

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